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Latest New Additions and Updates
The Astrological Psychology Association
The Astrological Psychology Association, formerly known as API -UK, teaches the Huber method of astrology through correspondence courses and workshops. This form of psychological astrology has become world renowned due to the teachings of Bruno and Louise Huber.

What has become known as 'The Huber Method' supplements the best of the psychological knowledge in traditional astrology with the results of the Hubers' own psychological researches.

In our accredited courses we give English speaking students the opportunity to study and use the Hubers' psychological approach to horoscope interpretation. We teach the theory about the psychological motivations to be found in a birth chart in a manner that encourages students to develop their own self-awareness and personal growth. Many counsellors, therapists and psychologists have found the Huber method a useful addition to their techniques.

Vedic Astrology
Vedic astrology has been there for centuries and people have benefited from it. It can guide you for your future events and also help you optimize your horoscope with mantras, gemstones and other remedies.

Tarot card reading
An online website providing top
quality tarot card reading, tarot reading services and more at affordable prices. self development and article.

Astrology Software from Astro-Vision
The most trusted Astrology Software based on Vedic Astrology or Indian Astrology. Available in more than 8 Languages including English, Hindi, Tamil , Telugu , Malayalam , Kannada , Marathi, Bengali , Oriya and Sinhala. Ideal for Astrologers, Astrology Students and those who would like to start an astrology business. Trusted since 1984.

Psychic Reading Tarot Card Readings Angle Cards Phone Psychics Horoscopes
Looking for a live tarot card angel or psychic reading we have guanine readers waiting for your call.

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